Stay Fit While Traveling – Try Tabata

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Today I am happy to bring you an article by the good folks over at  For more information on fitness, nutrition and exercise, be sure to visit them at and tell them Fit Chef Chicago sent you!

Photo By: Fit Approach

Photo By: Fit Approach

Traveling is no excuse to nix your workout routine. In fact, all you need is you to complete a killer workout. I am often asked how to stay in shape while traveling. Simply put, complete body weight exercises through several methods to continue to see results and maintain your fitness level. The beauty of body weight exercises is they are not limited by space or equipment. This means no more excuses to skip your workout. Here are five exercises to perform while traveling, followed by a simple, effective program for implementing them.


Start with feet shoulder-width apart and toes slightly out. Drop the hips back and butt down until the butt is below the knees. Push through the heels to rise up and repeat.


Step forward with hands on hips, bend the front knee until the back knee softly taps the ground. Rise up by pushing through the heel of the front foot, step, and switch legs.


Start with hands shoulder-width apart and feet together. The body must be in line from heels to head. Flex the elbows and lower the body as far as possible, push through the hands until elbows are extended and repeat.


Start by performing a push up; explosively push off the floor and catch yourself in a squat position. Once the squat position has been established, jump into the air. Lower into the starting position and repeat.


Raise your body off the floor by pushing through the forearms and toes; these are the only two points of contact with the floor. Hold the body in a straight line from heel to head with the eyes directly over the hands.  Most importantly, maintain a tight core by pulling the bellybutton towards the spine.

Try Tabata

In only 8-minutes you can complete a full body workout designed to improve your muscular endurance and strength through Tabata. The method is simple: 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated 8 times per exercise for a total of 4 minutes. To get started, pick two of the exercises above and complete each for 4 minutes utilizing the Tabata method. Change the exercises daily   and progress by adding additional rounds and exercises.

We’ve now eliminated all of your excuses to avoid exercise; you don’t need equipment, space, or time to try Tabata with the 5 exercises described above.  Visit for more fitness resources.

Article by: Clay Manley

NASM-Certified Personal Trainer
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Medic First Aid-Certified Instructor CPR/AED & First Aid
Experienced Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Coach, Program Director, and Fitness Manager.

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