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Upon graduating from culinary school, I could not find the job that I was looking for. I knew I had the desire to be in the food service field, but all of the jobs out there did not seem to meet my needs, wants or strengths. Further complicating the issue was that prior to attending culinary school, I had obtained my bachelors degree in Fitness Management & Wellness from DePaul University. My biggest challenge was how to combine my two passions: health and the culinary arts. I never wanted to give up one to pursue the other completely.

After several years of fruitless searching, an idea came to me: if the opportunity does not exist, why not create it for yourself? Thus, Fit Chef Chicago was born. Fit Chef Chicago will be many different things to many different people, but to me, it is the collaboration of my education, skills and passion. People often ask, “Is everything you cook low calorie or low fat?” I always respond, “No, not necessarily.” To explain further, the saying we use at Fit Chef Chicago is: Good. Clean. Food. This simply means using the best and freshest ingredients combined with straight forward and simple cooking techniques to create meals that are not only delicious but also unpretentious and uncomplicated. However, if your preference is low-calorie and low-fat, I can make that happen as well.

Someone once said, do what you love and the money will follow. That is what my company is about. I truly love the services I offer. In essence, I have created the perfect job for me. It just so happens that these services are of value to others. Part personal chef, part private chef, part consultant, and part teacher, Fit Chef Chicago meets a lot of people’s needs. Through useful, unique and practical services, this company is about cultivating the owner’s love for health & the culinary arts.

Enough of the fluff, you say? What do we do? Check out our services menu. We can take your party to the next level. We can supply your personal chef clients with valuable nutritional information. We can supply culinary articles to any form of media. We can teach you to make an unforgettable meal for a loved one. We can do a lot more. Take a look around the site and do not hesitate to email with any questions.

This is Fit Chef Chicago. This is my perfect company. How can we make it yours?

Dave Thommes, Founder, Fit Chef Chicago

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  1. Sara December 19, 2016 at 11:33 am Reply

    Hi Dave,
    What is your pricing and availablity as a personal chef to a family of 5 in Aurora? Looking for a minimium of 3 entrees per week. Thank you

    • dave December 28, 2016 at 10:54 am Reply

      Hi Sara –

      Thank you for reaching out. Pricing would depend on the type of service that you need. You can send me more specifics of what you had in mind to dave@fitchefchicago.com.

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