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Inspiration for my posts comes from a variety of and sometimes random, places. Often times, my blog posts come from questions readers ask me or something I feel someone into cooking would want to know. Or more importantly, something that would get a non-cook into cooking.

And most times, just being around or reading about food elicits inspiration.

Which is where I find myself today…As I was reading a recent entry on a pizza blog I routinely follow,, I was hit with this thought, “Nothing completes a sandwich for me, especially beef or Italian sausage, more than some good, spicy giardiniera.” I’m not certain why giardiniera hit me while reading a pizza blog – other than they are both of Italian descent.

At any rate, I’m tired of bottled, underwhelming giardiniera. I picked some up the other day at the store and it just wasn’t how I remembered it. And lately, neither is the stuff I get at some Chicago restaurants known for their beef and sausage sandwiches.

So – I’ve set out to make my own giardiniera.

I’m picturing al dente vegetables, good olive oil, a hint of garlic and just the right amount of heat. Simple, right?

The saying I use for Fit Chef Chicago is Good, Clean, Food. Loosely translated: the best meals come from the freshest ingredients combined with simple, straightforward preparation; nothing too fussy or complicated. Kind of like a good pizza or good Italian food – aha, that’s why the inspiration hit me when it did!

Stay tuned – I’ll update again when I’ve mastered this pickled delicacy.

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  1. AriiNie October 13, 2012 at 4:24 pm Reply

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