Beef Grades and What They Mean

One of the most important lessons we learned in culinary school was how beef is graded and what it all means.  But, for the common consumer, this information is not widely known.  And I think that’s a shame because sometimes we find ourselves in the meat section of the local grocery and there’s a great deal on steak.  But, “what’s the catch?”, you wonder.  After all, the last thing you want to feed your family is beef that wouldn’t even pass inspection at the roadside taco shack.  I found this great info-graphic from the USDA that explains meat grading and what it all means.  Give it a look and then take a screenshot and save it to your smart-phone photo album.  That way, you don’t even have to memorize the information – just pull your phone out to refresh your memory the next time you want to check the quality of the meat on sale.

Beef Grading-01

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