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Here is the promo video for “Trial by Fire,” which was supposed to be a new TV cooking competition, but didn’t quite make it. My dish that made I for the tryout is featured second in this video – right after that big frying pan of corn. It was a flank steak bruschetta. The judges loved it! Also, my two teammates are featured in the video – the guy yelling and hitting a piece of meat with a frying pan was one and the other one was the guy saying that he could’ve used a little more time to add another element.

Anyways, I made the cut for the pilot episode and even ended up winning the pilot competition with my two teammates, which was filmed at the Chopping Block in Chicago. It was in the style of “Iron Chef,” in which we were given several secret ingredients and had to make a 5 course meal out of them. I made the appetizer and dessert for the competition. For the appetizer, I did a roasted butternut squash soup, with fried leeks and bacon (a recipe I still use today). For dessert, I did a red wine poached pear on a shortbread cookie with caramel sauce and sabayon.

Watch the video here.

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  1. Indira October 13, 2012 at 6:15 pm Reply

    just made your soup last night- it was lovely. thnkas so much for the recipe, it was just the thing on a cold night. returning from a long business trip to a mostly empty refrigerator (save a lucky butternut squash) almost kept me out of the kitchen but this was easy and quick to pull together with few ingredients. i added a shallot and some cloves of garlic. the leftovers today were even better!

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