Get CrossFit – How To Add CrossFit To Your Workouts

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I am happy to bring you another guest post by Clay Manley from  He writes a great article on how to incorporate some Crossfit exercises into your workout routine.  As a Crossfit-er myself, I highly recommend Crossfit style workouts.  It’s fast, intense and produces great results.  Read the article, go visit for more great tips and then get a great workout in!

Photo By: Adrian Valenzuela

Photo By: Adrian Valenzuela

CrossFit has grown rapidly in popularity from its inception in 1995 to its entrance in mainstream fitness presently; as more and more “boxes” (gyms) pop-up, many wonder how to add elements of CrossFit to their own workout routine. Instead of paying $100+ per month for a CrossFit membership limited to specific available class times, simply start implementing the following three CrossFit exercises into your regular routine:


A universal CrossFit quote is “I love Burpees.” Burpees are extremely common in CrossFit workouts- also known as WOD’s- as they have both strength and cardio benefits. They are also very difficult! Burpees can be broken down into three parts: A Push-Up, Squat, and Vertical Jump. Begin by performing a push-up; as the elbows extend explosively push off the floor, landing in a quarter-squat position. Jump into the air, lower the body and repeat. Complete as many burpees as possible in five minutes.

Jump Rope Double-Unders

First off, if you’re not jumping rope, get started. Begin with standard singles as part of your regular warm-up. Once you’ve established a comfort with singles, it’s time to move on to double-unders. A double-under requires the rope to pass under the feet two times during each jump. Begin by alternating between singles and doubles until you become comfortable with the additional strength and power the double-under requires. Work towards completing 20 double-unders in a row.

Photo By: Adrian Valenzuela

Photo By: Adrian Valenzuela


Rowing 500 meters is the gold standard of many CrossFit warm-ups, and the indoor rower is a major part of typical CrossFit WOD’s. Begin rowing with flexed knees and fully extended arms grasping the handle bar. Push through the heels and extend the knees while pulling the bar to the chest by flexing the elbows. Pause in full extension with the torso angled slightly back, then simultaneously flex the knees and extend the arms returning to the starting position. Utilize rowing throughout your workouts – shoot for 500 meters rowed in under 2 minutes. For further details on how to row visit


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